This world is made up of the pairs of opposites,

  1. Good, Bad.
  2. High. Low.
  3. Love, Hate.
  4. Prosperity, Poverty.
  5. Light, Dark.
  6. Heaven Hell
  7. Etc. Etc.

It is our choice to focus on either side. What ever we decide, is what will manifest for us. Do not blame anyone else or anything else for what you have created for yourself. Take responsibility for your own thoughts, words and actions and life can be paradise.

We are constantly being bombarded with negativity, from so many directions, outwardly as well as inwardly. It is a battle we have to be vigilant about if we want to live a life of ecstasy, joy and enlightenment. Yet, it is possible, but only with the help and guidance of the One who created this universe.

That One goes by many names, according to where you were born. Where you were brought up. What you were exposed to during your life. What language you speak. And what time period you were born into.

Different names, same One.

Have an awesome day! I have to take our dog for a walk now.