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Hi to all who read my blog. Bhala is a sanskrit name given to me by my meditation teacher in 1978 while he was visting Melbourne, Australia. Some people call me Jennifer and others Bhala. Either is fine by me. I am branding myself as Jennifer Bhala Hansen because there are too many others named Jennifer Hansen.

I am a mother of a daughter and 3 sons. I am Australian and have lived in Upstate New York, Oregon, India and of course, Australia. My husband of 27 years is American.

Even as a young child I was looking for answers to why I was born. I was always wondering “what am I meant to be doing in this world?” There must be more to life than getting up, going to either school or work, having a weekend to do something, getting married, having kids, getting old and then dying.

My life has been a search for answers, many of which have been answered. But the search goes on. I do believe we can create what ever life we choose, however I did not understand that till recently and so I have a lot of baggage to drop before I can live the life I dreamed about when I was a child.

However, it is manifesting for me and I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gained, the experiences I have had and the gifts I have been introduced to that support my beliefs.

I look forward to sharing  my insights in the future. Not that I am a professional writer or philosopher.

Ask Me About My Favorite Things To Talk About.

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