Well, My husband and I went to the United First Financial Corporate Regional Event in Arlington, Virginia on Friday and Saturday Nov ’08.

I thought it started at 9am so we went there at that time. We found a room full of a couple of hundred people maybe. I thought it wasn’t many but how nice and cosy. Later in the day we realized it was a Branch Manager Only meeting. We really enjoyed the meeting though as it was more nitty gritty and also, three founders and Mac Saunders were there doing most of the talking. After lunch when hundreds more people showed up, our suspicions about the morning meeting were confirmed.

After lunch there were break out sessions that we went to. I wish we could have done them all. It was a hard choice. But on Friday we did the GPS system with Heidi Keener. Then I did the advanced Version 4 with Mac Saunders. Both were very informative and awesome. Bill went and made some phoe calls and had a coffee.

Saturday-  The first breakout we went to was using the analysis as a close with Dave Montgomery who is an awesome and funny speaker. Our final breakout was hearing how two woman speak, one a professional mortgage broker and one a stay at home mother who had recently lost one of her sons after a five year battle, about how they do the United First Financial business.

I wanted to do Brooke Barnett’s class but there were so many people I thought I would let others who do not know about it take up the space rather than someone who is already doing his awesome www.ubranding.com course.

Mark Victor Hansen spoke on Saturday after lunch and was very inspiring. He brought it home that United First Financial and the Money Merge Account system is the only answer America has for it’s current condition. He mentioned there is so much cash flow right now, do not let the media scare you in to poverty. Now is the time when you can get sucked in OR stay strong and show others the way. The Money Merge Account system is the way. We have the answer. We really must use our mouth as our office and open it up often.